The Team

A talented artist from Riverside starting a movement for good music and positive vibes. Every show is a high energy party… Keep up or keep out! #TL

Yung Moz, born and raised in Riverside, California brings a new flavor to the West Coast hip-hop scene. Christened “Yung Moz” by his east Riverside high school alum, Yung Moz has been rapping since the age of 13. Growing up around the avenues of Riverside, street life heavily influenced him. In 2009, he realized that rocking the crowd was truly his passion and he has been focused on and driven toward attaining hip-hop supremacy ever since. Yung Moz’ influences come from some of the underground greats such as Independent artist Tech N9NE and many others that he says have helped to lay much of the foundation for his unique style.

His gravelly voice resonates with the trials and tribulations of raising himself on the street. Yung Moz has a delivery reminiscent of the late, Compton renowned Mausberg, with the lyrical complexity of Tech N9NE, combined with the heart and soul of Riverside. From a young age, he was able to develop his individual style by incorporating the gangster rap of the west with his signature knack for storytelling, ability to navigate sudden changes in rhyme schemes, while delivering hard hitting and clever punch lines. He prides himself on being steadfast and ambitious as an artist. 

Yung Moz is one of the hardest working artists coming out of the Inland Empire. Continuously perfecting his flow, he writes daily and has held true to nurturing his talents. “I can’t lie and say that I’ve had it harder than many other artists, I’m sure I have the same struggles; kids, baby mammas, hustling to survive. The difference is I have more ambition than half of the artists in the industry.” He feels as though he has a chance to shine bright and steal a piece of the limelight. Yung Moz lives by the motto, “Get wit it or shut the [explicative] up “. It is now time to find his way to live lavishly or fade into hip-hop obscurity.

–Sound through the parallel–